5 Ways To Increase Your Pleasure During Sex

5 Ways To Increase Your Pleasure During Sex

Pleasure is what everyone seeks, and what better way to derive it than having sex. Sex is filled with excitement, lust and passion and so much more. Everyone likes to have fun and enjoy it to the fullest. People have different sexual fantasies and desires that they want to try with their partner in the bedroom. Both men and women love to try new things and experiments that will give the next level of adrenaline rush and heighten their senses so that they can enjoy more and more. Everyone has different preferences like some may like soft vanilla fun while others may like wild, rough, and dominating sex. You can use a lot of techniques and things to increase your pleasure like having a scented candle with different flavors and a sensually lit bedroom. Or you can also have sex in different places. Some people get a kick by having sex in a public place, back of the car, or in the swimming pool. To know what gives you satisfaction, one must be open to trying out new things and shed all their inhibitions, and get what you deserve, that is some amazing sex. You can have unlimited sex with escorts in aerocity. Here are some ways to help you to enjoy sex better:


The majority of people think sex means just fucking but that is completely wrong. Sex is so much more than that. Sex is an art of deriving pleasure from each other’s bodies, and Gurgaon escorts are perfect at this art. Foreplay is a great tool to increase your pleasure. Foreplay includes a lot of kissing, licking, and touching each other. Foreplay is as important. Girls get really turned on when their boobs are sucked. Spanking is also a part of foreplay and you can surely try it with your partner. Men like to get sucked and licked on their sensitive parts like neck, back, and thighs. You can touch each other sensually and slowly from chest to intimate parts. Many women do not even get an orgasm by fucking but they get it by getting their g spot licked. You can also try biting erotically. Cuddling is also preferred by many as it releases the hormones that make you relaxed and happy. You can give mutual satisfaction to each other by trying 69 positions where you are sucking each other. Your senses will be alarmed and increased when you have foreplay and this, in turn, will help you to enjoy more.

Different positions

There are just a few positions that are popular amongst people but a lot of people don’t even know how to actually do them and in turn, they hurt themselves or they do not even enjoy them. You can try different sorts of positions with your partner as they are very flexible and professionals. Positions like the doggy style are very famous but not everyone enjoys them. You can try and explore other positions as well. Cowboy is an amazing position where the male partner is lying down with knees bent and the girl sits on the man with her hands on his chest, and then she just moves forward and backward. You can suck and bite the girls’. Missionary is also one of the best pleasure-giving sex positions that you can try to derive ultimate orgasm. In this position, the girl is lying down on her back and the man is lying down on top of her penetrating her. You can increase the sensitivity of this position by shifting your legs to different positions. It is a soft vanilla position but it is delicious as you can also taste and smooch your partner. Spooning and sideway straddle are also the positions that you must surely try.

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Using sex toys

Using sex toys is considered bad by many, but they do not know that these small toys can increase your pleasure many times. For people who are willing to experiment and spice things up in their life, these toys are a great tool. You can try various sex toys like cock rings, handcuffs, couples massagers, butt plugs, and hunters. You can try different toys with your partner. Cock ring is to be worn by men and this, in turn, helps the man to maintain the erection for a longer period so that you can enjoy more. It comes in different materials and sizes so that you can try it according to your requirement. A variation of cock ring is a couples ring where the toy has a cock ring along with a clitoris stimulator. Using this you both can have some more fun. For people who are into some bondage and domination fun, they can try handcuffs and hunters. You can tie up your partner and do all the naughty and terrible things to them while they are tied up. You can also use a blindfold along with handcuffs and give a spank on their body using hunters to surprise and excite your partner. Butt plugs are also a great tool for both men and women, they massage your g-spot and give you a feeling of rimming, and will give you an awesome orgasm. These toys can surely spice things up in your bedroom and will help you derive more pleasure.


Aphrodisiacs can be used in the bedroom to turn on your partner and increase your sensitivity. They increase your sexual desire and libido. Aphrodisiacs increase your blood flow and have effects on your brain which helps you to enjoy yourself more. Chocolate is an amazing food that works as a sex enhancing tool. You can lick the same chocolate while kissing each other. Or you can put some chocolate on your girl and licking it. You both will enjoy it a lot. Different people like different flavors and you both can enjoy it while sucking each other off. Another thing is that you can try scented candles flavored with chocolates, lavender, or vanilla. They will create a soothing fragrance in your room and help you relax while increasing your pleasure. Make sure you use an aphrodisiac with your partner in the bedroom.

Delaying Climax

This method is a great way to increase your pleasure. Here, you delay your climax by pulling out before reaching climax. You keep on doing this multiple times and the orgasm you achieve after it is ultimate. You are practically reaching climax but you don’t cum and then you pull out your dick and start kissing and get relaxed. You keep on having oral fun, foreplay, and then again start penetrating and again pull out just in time. You are achieving pleasure multiple times here. You can also try pills like Viagra to increase your arousal that will help you to have fun for a longer period of time. And in the end, when you both cum and achieve orgasm, it will be fantastic. The climax you achieve by delaying it for multiple times is very intense and like never experienced before. You should surely try this method the next time you have sex. You can also have fun with escorts in Gurgaon. They will not deny you any time for sex and will always be ready for fun with you. You just have to make a call and have the best time of your life.

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