5 Ways How Exercise make you better in Sex

5 Ways How Exercise make you better in Sex

Exercising at least three days is suggested by all the fitness gurus and they are absolutely right!

Working out have a lot of seen and unseen positive effects on the body. One of such unseen or unnoticed effect of exercising is on the sexual fitness level of a man. Not only exercising makes a man irresistible in looks but also in bed. Bodybuilding and strength training exercises have a positive impact and bring you a better sex life.When aided by proper diet and nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular exercises or any kind of intense physical activity boosts the production of testosterone, improves stamina and body aesthetics in men.

Positive effects of exercise on Sex drive

  1. Better Stamina

Weight lifting and strength training, like all other exercises improve your stamina. Therefore, you can perform better in the bed and enjoy a longer sex. Now you know what you are running for on the treadmill for 😉

  1. Attractive Looks

Weight training promotes the growth of lean muscle mass in the body. It provides for better body aesthetics and feels, and you will look more attractive when you do the weight training exercises regularly. Better looks not only make a good psychological impact on your own self by improving your confidence but also generate a positive response in your partner, thereby providing for a desirable and better sex drive.

  1. Improvement in Libido and Sexual Desire

Libido can be defined as the interest of a person in sex and sexual activities. Some of the common factors that cause a decrease in libido include certain drugs, diseases (such as diabetes and endocrine disorders), sexual problems, stress, anxiety, fatigue and depression among others. Weightlifting and strength training exercises lower your stress, reduces anxiety, and also improve your stamina so that you suffer less from fatigue. The cumulative effect of regular strength training exercise for sex is that you have a better libido and greater desire for sex.

  1. Increase Testosterone Level

Regular work out is good to boost your testosterone levels. Several research and studies have revealed that regular weight training boosts testosterone levels for as long as upto one hour after completing a workout session. With continuous working out and gradual increase in the session difficulty level, exercise increases testosterone level in men. Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for fertility, sexual characteristics, and sexual desire to a great extent. You stand to gain much more benefits when you do to the strength training exercises for the long term and regularly.

Weight training have been found to be more beneficial in increasing the testosterone levels compared to the other forms of exercises. So lift heavy first and rock the bed later 😉

  1. Overcoming Obesity

Exercises like weight lifting also help you overcome obesity, which is one of the leading causes of low libido and reduced sexual drive. A lean physique also provides for boosted testosterone levels.

While doing weight lifting exercises will boost your testosterone levels, overdoing them will have a negative impact. In the latter case, the body will be harmed, and testosterone levels reduced. Overdoing of exercises also enhances the level of the stress hormone “cortisol” inside the body. Signs of over training include trouble sleeping, excessive soreness, loss of strength/performance and delayed or troubled recovery.

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