Why is calling an escort/call girl better than going to a strip club

Why is calling an escort/call girl better than going to a strip club

Men are always in a mood to have fun and get some action. Some industries are entirely dependent on men’s desire to enjoy sex often. E.g., the adult industry, escort/call girl, strip clubs, etc.

Some men go to strip clubs to enjoy while some prefer to call for a female escort. There is an ongoing debate about whether a call girl is better than strippers. Finally, with this blog post, we want to tell you why is calling an escort better than going to a strip club. We are here to help you choose the best experience for yourself.

Strip clubs hire strippers while you (an individual) hire the female escort. Strip clubs hire strippers to entertain their guests. They strip in front of men to excite men, and that’s what men pay for. To a stripper, you are like any other man in the club.

But an escort girl you hired has all her attention focused on you. She would do anything that will please you. Even an escort will strip for you if you want. An female escort will be with you for as long as you want to be with her.

An escort girl can give you a girlfriend like experience while a stripper can’t. She will go with you wherever you want. Whether you want to take her for a long drive, party, or anywhere else, she would go with you. Even if you want her to be with you in the four walls of your house, she would happily do it for you.

You can have as much fun as you want with an escort and you only pay for the time you spend with her. But a stripper works to please the owner of the strip club and not you. She would come, strip there in front of everyone, might give you a lap dance, and leave. The experience is not personalized at all.

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An escort girl aims to please only you. You can control her and she would behave the way you want. She focuses only on your needs and aims to maximize your pleasure. She can even roleplay with you and give you what you want exactly the want you want it.

A stripper isn’t obligated to have sex with you. Yes, strippers aren’t for sexual fun. All they can do is to strip and give you a lap dance. A stripper behaves in a sexy way but may not be satisfying for someone who is craving for more.

One more that you may find is that your private moments aren’t guarded in a strip club. Many men visit a strip club, and what if someone knows you? Even if you convince a stripper to have sex with you, but your private moments aren’t secure.

With an call girl, it is entirely no strings attached. She would keep the deal only between you and her. She won’t tell anyone about it.

Strippers make it look like business. But an call girl makes you feel how it feels to be loved. She can treat you like a friend, a boyfriend, a husband, and what not! But a stripper sees you as a money-making machine.

A stripper only does what she is trained for. On the other hand, an escort would do anything & everything for you. She is with you only to please you.

Anyone would be nice to you in this selfish world because of your money, but is that all you want? Even if the escort is asking for money, but she loves you in return. You need love & not someone who does what she wants that too only for cash.

Life is too short. Everyone makes us feel that they are there with us only for a reason. Let’s take an example. To get what you want, you have to remember your girlfriend or wife’s birthday, buy her expensive gifts, take her to various places, and the list goes on. But an escort makes you feel wanted, loved, and cared for without all these formalities.

An escort is not only better than a stripper, but also a girlfriend or wife with whom you feel alone. You deserve only the best & she is always ready to give it to you with all her heart.

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