Where Does Girls Likes To Be Touched The Most

Where Does Girls Likes To Be Touched The Most

6 Spots Every Girl Wants You To Touch

Sex is an art in which you need to be skilled and perfect. One of the sure shot ways to keep your partner happy and interested in sex is to maneuver in the right areas. A woman body has certain erogenous zones where a manly touch can arouse sexual desires, during sex with girls. You may be aware of certain tricks, but repetition may make your partner disinterested. Know more about these erogenous body regions where women like to be touched the most and witness the delightful results yourself.


Inner Thighs

You can grope and caress your partner at the inner thigh region. Being close to the vagina and the g-spot, the region foreplay is a lot more stimulating as well. Your gentle strokes can move up and down until you move to the next level. You can also use a warming gel message. The gel message will enhance the blood flow to the region and will amp up the arousal.



Earlobes and ears are also one of the most sensitive areas of women body.  Ears are highly innervated (connected through many nerves) and hence have extreme sensitiveness. Apart from touch, sound can also stimulate this portion of the body. Touching and kissing at this region can give your partner goosebumps and she may literally have shivers running down her spine.


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Nipple foreplay can make women come off by itself alone. Touches and foreplay’s at this region of the body are highly pleasurable for women, and may also make your partner reach her orgasm. Oral and skin stimulation will provide for the secretion of the hormone oxytocin, which is also known as the love hormone, It can cause sexual arousal and orgasm. You can use the nipple teasers or can indulge in sucking, stroking or circling, among other sexual activities.


The muscle running down neck’s side connects the breastbone and the skull forms a sweet and sensual touching spot. The neck forms an erogenous zone as the vagus nerve (having multiple nerve fibers) runs through the region. Remember that the gentler you are, the better.


The obvious sensual spot is connected to the brain through the pudendal nerve, which is a source of pleasure and sexual excitement. The region has more than 8000 nerve fibers connected to it, and hence any foreplay is extremely pleasurable and can generate orgasm speedily. The clit is also the first area where blood flow may increase in the aftermath of foreplay at any given region of the body. Rubbing, stroking and tapping and the use of gels and vibrators can all stimulate the mood and make your sexual session warm and memorable.


Lower Back

Sensual dances like Tango and Salsa require that men place their hands on the lower back of the women, and the pleasurable and sexually stimulating effect of this region of the woman’s body has been known since centuries, The sacral nerves run through the region, all the way to the genitals. Move slowly up to the buttock cheeks and move the hands in wide and slow motion to satisfy girls. Oils can also be used to massage the region, albeit with gentle hands.


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