What are services provided by Independent Escorts

What are services provided by Independent Escorts

What are services provided by Independent Escorts? What is the difference between Independent Escorts and Escort Agency?

Independent escorts provide the best-in-class service for your satisfaction. They provide all sorts of erotic and sensual pleasure and give you that ultimate pleasure that other girls cannot provide. Independent escorts do not judge you or look down upon you when you tell them their darkest and naughtiest fantasies and kinks. Men like to have fun with different girls and want to enjoy themselves and do dirty things to them. They want to grab their busty butts and suck on their soft white nipples. Girlfriends and wives do not do a lot of things like blowjobs and anal sex. But escorts are all in it and just want to give you satisfaction. They are never tired of having secret fun and trying out new things in bed. They are always ready for action and exciting things.

Make your night colorful and fill them with passionate moments of lust.

Independent escorts provide services at very affordable rates and in a very discreet way. They take complete care of your privacy and security. They have tie-ups with all sorts of hotels, from cheap affordable lodges to high end hotels and resorts. Imagine spending a beautiful night with an even more attractive, young, and hot girl. You can do anything with them that you can only dream of. Imagine being in a room with a hot girl and she touching you with her tongue all over your body. You can even avail of their girlfriend experience service. In this service, escorts act like your girlfriend and provide you everything that a girlfriend offers. She will make love to you romantically and fulfil both your emotional and physical needs. You can go on long holidays with them and take them to parties, and since they are highly professional and trained, they will make a good companion. There are all sorts of escorts available for secret fun. You can get girls from different nationalities and different sizes. Some men like big and thick girls while others prefer smaller girls. Men like women that wear exposing clothes and have toned butts with suffocated boobs. You can meet independent Russian girls and other girls from all over the world. Independent escorts work 24X7 and give you all of that they have and please you. They treat you like a king and act as your slave. They offer all their attention to you and make you feel wanted and loved.

Escorts know how to carry themselves, and they won’t ask you for any extra money apart from the service charges. Independent escorts are a total package and give you overall satisfaction. There are some services that are highly popular amongst men:

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Body to Body Massage:

Body to body sensual massage is the most popular service provided by escorts. Escort takes off your and her clothes and then rubs her naked body on your naked body. Imagine a hot busty girl with big boobs and a round bubbly ass going up and down on you. She will use all her tricks and techniques to seduce you. She will kiss your whole body and make you suck her nipples. She will give you a happy memory filled with lots of lust and arousal. Hot naked bodies are slipping on each other, touching each other’s aroused organs.

Role Play:

Men have a fantasy of making out and having erotic fun with celebrities, teachers, doctors, and their teachers. Escorts can fulfill this fantasy, and they will play any role you want. Some of these independent escorts look like models and actresses, and some of them are even from the fashion industry. You can play their boss or secretary and then seduce you with their sultry looks and actions. Imagine you walk into your room, and the escort is wearing a tight fitted shirt and short skirt with boobs popping out of her shirt. She opens the door and whispers all the dirty things you wanted to do with her in your ears, and then she starts kissing you on the neck. It is so hot to have fun with role play. Men sometimes like to be dominated by women, so you can ask the escort to play a bossy bitch and dominate you and have wild fun with her. Escorts are best in case you are interested in bondage and submission. They know when to take charge and make use of their boldness. Sex with escorts is never awkward and never wrong as they are professionals and experienced, so they know what men want.

Shower Sex:

Every man wants to do it in the shower with hot water in winters dripping on their baked bodies. Shower sex is scorching, and escorts provide the best shower sex services. Independent escorts know what you want, and they are ready to give it to you without any expectations from you. They are focused on the pleasure that you derive from them. You can shed all your inhibitions and be totally free with escorts. Sensuous fun in a bathtub is exciting and arousing. You can fulfill your dream of taking a girl in a shower, kissing passionately, spanking her big round ass, licking her breasts can come true and will be excellent foreplay before real action on the bed.

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Difference Between Independent Escorts and Escort Agency?

Independent escorts work on their own and do not have any agents to get them, clients. You can directly make a booking with them and have fun. Escort agencies take commission both from you and escorts, and they are highly overpriced. In escort agencies, you have to pay extra for services that you can get at a lower price from independent escorts. Agencies have various agents working for them, and they get clients for escorts. Escort agencies have a lot of girls working for them, and they take a cut from their earnings. The main advantage of an agency is that they can provide you a lot of options to choose from and select the girl that you like. You need to communicate your requirements with the agency well in advance. Independent escorts can come whenever you want them to 24X7 and usually provide services at your place or at their place. But escort agencies have tie-ups with hotels and provide services in safe and hygienic hotel rooms.

When making a booking for escort services through an agency, you first have to contact the agency and then select the girl and make a confirmation where you might be uncomfortable about telling your needs to an agent, but with independent escorts, you can directly talk to companions and avail their services and communicate more freely about your requirements. Independent escorts provide the best services because they are known for their work so that customers will come back to them, whereas escorts working with agencies usually cater to high profile clients who are very choosy and want a lot of options. Also, there are men who want to have group fun, so they prefer escort agencies where there are many girls rather than making a booking with independent escorts as they operate on their own all alone.

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