5 Ways To Overcome Sexual Boredom

5 Ways To Overcome Sexual Boredom

All men and women love to get intimate with each other, explore their bodies, and enjoy private moments. After some time, the chemistry starts to fade, and the spark between partners dies. It becomes more of a compulsion, and they don’t enjoy getting intimate. For this reason, both men and women must keep trying something intimate. Also, every individual has a different taste in sex and has different likings. Many people are afraid to try new things in bed, which makes sex feel like a routine and boring. Partners feel like they are doing the same thing repeatedly, which makes them feel distant from each other. Nobody like monotonous things in life, and the same is the case with sex. One should experiment and explore different styles, foreplay, and intimacy. For many people, sex means just fucking, but it is much more than that. Sex does not mean that only one partner enjoys it, but rather it should be where both the partners can enjoy and derive pleasure from each other. One should be careless and spontaneous while having sex. Both the partners must be in that moment without thinking about anything else. Here are some tips to make your sex life exciting:

Try Something New

Partners are usually skeptical about the idea of trying something new in bed, but they do not know how exciting it can be. You should try a different sex position from your usual ones, like doggy style and 69. You can try reverse cowgirl or rear entry with her bent over the bed. There is nothing wrong with trying new positions, but if you don’t like them, you can always go back to your old favorites; trying new sex positions may help you discover new sensitive spots and help you both achieve a fantastic orgasm. Also, many men are apprehensive about going down on their girls, but this is something that can really spice things up. So many couples feel uncomfortable with their own bodies that they prefer doing it with lights off. You should make each other feel confident and comfortable in your skin. You must try having sex with lights on so that you both can communicate non verbally through your expressions and body language. You can also try mutual masturbation so that both of you can reach climax and achieve complete sexual satisfaction.

Communication Is The Key

Communication is not just necessary in professional life but in personal life. You should freely talk to your partner about your needs and requirements. You should not shy away from talking about sex with your partner and tell them what you like in bed and what you do not like. When you communicate about sex with each other, it makes you more comfortable, and you can enjoy sex more freely. You can also see a sex therapist if you mutually agree to it. If you are not sure how your partner will take it if you address the elephant in the room, that is your boring sex life. Sex therapists can help you regenerate that spark filled with lust and passion between you and your partner. They can offer a safe place to work through sexual issues and concerns and encourage you to openly communicate with your spouse to achieve your mutual desires. Sex doesn’t have to be boring.

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Make Use Of Sex Toys

There are sex toys and aphrodisiacs that will surely spice things up in your bedroom. Both you and your partner can gift each other sex toys so that you can explore each other and get to know each other in a better way. You can try vibrators and use them while having sex with her to give her double pleasure. Butt plugs or anal beads a great to add anal stimulation to the sexual encounter. There are times when you want to spend some time with yourself and explore your body. You can even try sex dolls and penis rings, which help men last longer and maintain the erection for a more extended time. Using penis rings will help your partner enjoy penetration for a more extended time to reach climax and be satisfied sexually.

Explore Your Partner’s Kinks and Fetishes

Every individual has kinks and fetishes that they want to try but is afraid to talk about it as they feel like they might get judged for their choices. For example, many men like to be dominated by their female partners, but since the convention is that usually, men are dominant, they feel shy to talk about it. They are afraid of being judged by their partners. You can also try BSDM fun, starting with light bondage and after discussing with your partner. You can also try blindfolding your partner and tying them using ropes. Then, you can start touching her in sensitive areas. Also, setting up the room for intimate fun is essential. Light the room dimly and use incense candles so that the room smells sensual.

Create a Bucket List For Sex

You can create a bucket list with all the things you want to try in sex with your partner. It can even include having a threesome with your partner and an escort. Escorts girls in gurgaon are exceptionally well in bed, and they know how to give pleasure to a man. She can even help your partner do dirty and naughty things with you by breaking the ice and normalizing it so that your partner is comfortable. You can include having sex in the balcony, in the kitchen, on public transport, in malls, and in movie halls. You can plan a sex vacation with your partner where it should be a rule that none of you are allowed to wear clothes inside the room. You can even film yourself while having sex and then play it while you have it again. You can also include having sex on a beach on your bucket list. Having a sex bucket list keeps you encouraged and excited to take things off of your bucket list and will help you cure sex boredom.

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